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As Brave as You by Jason Reynolds

It would be hard for an upper elementary or middle school boy to put down this book. Still reading…but will update this soon.

The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

Crossover is a great story written by Kwame Alexander, the son of a former professional basket ball player named Josh Bell. The major themes are family, brotherhood, and loyalty. Kwame and his brother take up basketball just like their father and at age 14 are every bit as good has their father. As the championship games approach, many life changing events occur.

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

This is an action-packed, can’t put it down book for all ages. My students are hooked to this high adventure series. I broke down and bought the entire series for the class. Girls and boys both love it. The setting is in England following an orphaned boy who has been raised by his uncle. In one day, his life changes from an ordinary 14 year school boy to a high energy spy. However, use caution as the espionage theme carries much violence.

Nancy Cole Stormbreaker Reflection & Recommendation

Hidden: A Child’s Story of the Holocaust by Lois Dauvillier

Hidden is a graphic novel depicting the daily life of a Jewish girl in Paris who is hidden from the Nazis by several neighbors. Written in the comic book style, allows a gentler approach to study the Holocaust for younger readers. This book asks tough questions about who to trust and what is most important in life.

Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy

Yellow Star is a book of amazing detail of a Polish Jewish girl and her family during the time of WWII.  This story will make you question what is important in your life. What can you do without in your life?


Fish in a Tree by Lynda Hunt

Fish in a Tree highlights common misconceptions teachers have regarding students. One of which is that a one-size-fits all lesson is prudent. However, many students failing in schools today could benefit from having a teacher like Mr Daniels.

Fish in a Tree’s author, Lnda Mullaly Hunt’s blog

Pax by Sara Pennypacker

Pax by Sara Pennypacker

Pax is story of loyalty, finding your identity, and setting free a pet back to its habitat. The author, Sara Pennypacker, mixes in themes of the cost of war and family ties.

Assignment – Nancy Cole – Pax Mini Lesson Plan

The Watson’s go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis

The Watsons go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis

The Watson’s go to Birmingham depicts the daily life of a family who lives in Flint, MI. When the family decides that the eldest son needs a “time out” at Grandma’s house in Birmingham, Alabama because he continues to surround himself with delinquent and unruly friends. The family take a trip to visit Grandma and leave the eldest son, Byron, with her for the summer. While there, the family experiences one of the harshest discrimination acts in history, the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church. CAUTION-This book contains Violent Discrimination Acts; it also contains swearing throughout the text.

Watsons go to Birmingham -Vocabulary Words

Soar by Joan Bauer

Soar by Joan Bauer

Soar is a great book about a boy who has a passion for baseball, but is unable to play due to medical reasons. However, he pursues his dream and passion through coaching at the age of 11. Joan Bauer, author of Soar, places tough questions in front of the reader such as: Is winning everything?

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