Genre: Historical Fiction        Reading level 3-5

Reginald’s father plays baseball for the Duke’s  in the Negro National League. The league has been losing players to the national leagues. Father is worried that the Negro National League will slowly die out. Reginald loves playing his violin and has a recital coming up. Father asks Reginald to be the bat boy for the Duke’s. Reginald fears he will not be able to play his violin if he is a bat boy. However, father devises a plan where he can do both.

During February’s Black History Month, The Bat Boy & His Violin would give a perspective of the trials ball players encountered told from a boy’s perspective. In addition, this book would be a great segue into point of view. Finally, honor is exemplified by Reginald as he honors his father by being the bat boy for the Duke’s. In like manner, his father honored him by making the compromise to allow Reginald to be the bat boy and play the violin between innings.

Ephesians 6:2       “Honor your father and mother”